What You Need to Know About a Career in ADR Recording for Post Audio Production

If you are interested in a career of ADR recording and post audio production for voiceover, it is important you have a good understanding of what these services are and who utilizes them. The last thing you want is to invest into the wrong strand of entertainment technology only to discover your passion is in a different area. The allure to work with the best ADR recording companies for post production voiceover is highly great because the career field is highly rewarding. Not only do you get to be creative using the latest in sound technology, you also get to meet current and rising starts in the entertainment industry. This article is meant to help those new to the possibilities of obtaining skills necessary for working with the best studios that offer ADR recording for post audio production.

What is ADR Recording?

ADR is short for automated dialogue recording and is the process of re-recording actor’s dialogue after the film is shot to improve audio quality and reflect changes in the dialogue. This is also known as looping, and when engaged it is a looping session. ADR is primarily used in movies, television, and advertising with the following objectives:

  • Correct accents or improve diction.
  • Change the original script lines.
  • Remove unwanted sounds like production equipment noise, wind, traffic, barking dogs, airplanes or other unwanted sounds.
  • Improve technical matters with synchronization.
  • Correct misspoken dialogue not caught by the director.
  • Improve dramatic and comedic timing.
  • Employ studio-quality singing performances or provide voice-over doubles for actors with terrible voices.
  • Make edits for legal purposes (like remove the mentioning of a trademark brand).
  • Add or remove product placement.


When it comes to traditional film production, a production sound mixer or production manager records the dialogue during the filming process. At the time of post-production, a supervising sound editor or ADR supervisor takes all the dialogue in the film and reviews it to determine which lines need to be re-recorded. ADR is then re-recorded during a specialized session in a sound studio that specializes in voiceover. Normally, the original actor from the scene reviews the original sound and tries to recreate the performance. This usually requires multiple takes in a post-production studio while the actor speaks the dialogue while watching the scenes.

Where does ADR Recording Take Place?

Most ADR recording takes place in voiceover studios in Los Angeles or New York where access to the best equipment is readily available. Although this often takes place in an ADR studio, the latest in ADR mobile equipment makes it possible to to this work anywhere. ADR can also be done without the actor seeing what images need to be matched to the sound. ADR can also be done without the actor watching the scenes, and mastering this process in this manner can be especially helpful because some actors believe that watching themselves degrades their performance.

How to Become an ADR Recording Specialist

If You want to become an ADR recording specialist, you will need to get a degree in film technology. Make sure graduates from the program have gone on to work for some of the best ADR studios in Los Angeles. It is also helpful to find an ADR degree program from a school that hooks students up with internships at some of the best ADR studios in New York City and LA.