How a Cell Phone Charging Station Adds Value to Shopping Centers

If you are a builder for commercial spaces and building shopping centers is second nature, then you know there are always ways to make innovative improvements as technology advances. And when you add a cell phone charging station in every major space, you will provide innovative solutions to your client for increasing foot traffic, spending, and a better shopping experience. This article will help you understand how the cell phone charging station adds a ton of value to any shopping center, and why you should include them in your design proposal.

What are the Main Types of Cell Phone Charging Stations?

When it comes to the cell phone charging station, there are several options to choose from for a variety of reasons. Here are the various types of cell phone charging stations worth investing in:


  • Floor stand charging station
  • Wall mounted charging station
  • Table top mini charging hubs
  • Cell phone charging lockers (wall mounted and on a stand)
  • Brightbox Smart Charging Lockers
  • Power tables
  • Mini power tables


If you want to encourage your client’s customers to stay, and they have a number of coffee shops and restaurants in the shopping center, then power tables are ideal. When people have a reason to stay (like a place where they can charge their portable devices and have a table top for working) they are more inclined to buy more coffee and food.

Cell phone charging lockers (they charge tablets and other devices too) are ideal for centrally located areas of shopping centers. These secure cell phone charging stations allow shoppers to lock up their phones and charge them without the concern for theft so they can shop freely and kill time as they wait for their devices to charge.

Wall mounted charging stations are ideal for installing in specific shops and can increase rental potential, as they do more than just keep customers in stores but they also market directly to them with custom technology platforms.

Invest in a Cell Phone Charging Station that Markets Businesses

If you can outfit a number of retail spaces in your shopping center design with cell phone charging stations that collect consumer data and market products to shoppers, you will have a very desirable offer in your hands. Many cell phone charging station companies have platforms that allow for a customized approach that prompts shoppers to leave valuable buyer persona data. For example, while someone is waiting to charge their phone in a sporting goods store, a questionnaire can generate on the screen and ask what sports and outdoor activities people play, how much they spend on the sport every year, and ask what their main needs are. Then, based on the response, the store can display great deals going on that apply to the appropriate gear.

When you install custom made cell phone charging stations throughout your shopping center, the customer and their shoppers will be over the moon!